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ACCESS Partner Participation Agreement


All equipment provided is the property of Invincikids unless provided by donor restricted gift to a specific facility.  Equipment may be recalled if it is determine to not be in use or has left the facility where it is agreed to be housed.  Equipment may vary by site, but will be inventoried and cataloged prior to distribution.


In the first year of ACCESS Partner Program we will request quarterly reports on progress of immersive technology adoption, narrative describing how the hardware and software are used, basic demographics of users, description of successes and challenges, and number of children and staff using the equipment.  We will not ask for personal identifying information for users.


Invincikids will publish the name of each institution that participates in the ACCESS Program and will aggregate demographics and use statistics for donor reporting and promotion of impact.  Requests may be made for photographs of hardware/software in action and Invincikids will be very cautious to not publish images that are personally identifying unless there has been an agreed upon opportunity for photographs and releases have been obtained from participants.

Length of Service-

The term of service is one year from the date of accepting this agreement.  Term of service can be extended annually with compliance with the terms above at the discretion of Invincikids and available funding.  In some situations Length of Service may be determined by Hardware and Software Providers and/or donor conditions.

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