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Mindfulness Aurora

Visit a mountain waterfall as you rest and breathe under a colorful night sky.

Age level

Activity level

Stimulation Rating

10 yo+




Party Mode

10 mins

Not available

Hardware requirements


This app can be played on the

Samsung Gear VR


This app can be played with or without controllers.

Use cases

Mindfulness - Aurora is a guided meditation and facilitated breathing experience. User vision begins focused on a waterfall then expands to reveal an alpine meadow. Transitions from day to night. User breathing is meant to sync with the pulse of the aurora borealis and the visible breath. The breathing speed can be adjusted by swiping the touchpad or by using the remote. Requires smooth, omnidirectional head motion.

Best used for

Relaxation, Meditation, Breathing

Starting the application

Start --> Duration (6 or 10 min) --> How do you feel? (relaxed, normal, tense)

Supporting Resources


Experience Guide

Guide for using VR in Healthcare Settings


Field Guide

Samsung Gear VR

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