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Space Burgers 2

A stationary bike-based game where users pedal to fire blasters and aim with their gaze.Use your lasers to hit all the space burgers and clear the asteroids out of your way as you travel through space!

Age level

Activity level

Stimulation Rating

6 yo+




Party Mode



Hardware requirements


This app can be played on the

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2


This app can be played with or without controllers.

Use cases

Users experience a steady stream of asteroids, hamburgers, milkshakes, and fries that they clear with lasers activated by sustained gaze. Users accumulate points by clearing all food and the asteroids that correspond with the color of the point total in the bottom right of their screen. Requires slight omnidirectional head motion.

Best used for

IV placement, Nasal endoscopies, Cast removal, Wound care, Physical Therapy, Distraction

Starting the application

Attach the controller to the underside of one stationary bike pedal using the adjustable controller band. Select “Pedal Mode” from the Home Screen, then select a character. Once the game starts, pedal on the stationary bike to fire the blasters and use your gaze to aim.

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