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Space Party

Join an interactive party with space aliens. Voice specific prompts to fill the room with alien party-goers. The more you yell, the more aliens appear on screen!

Age level

Activity level

Stimulation Rating

3 yo+




Party Mode


Not available

Hardware requirements


This app can be played on the

Projector (BERT)


This app can be played with or without controllers.

Use cases

Begins with an alien instructing the patient to follow the on screen commands (commands activated by practitioner pressing "OK" on Nebula remote or touch pad). Following these on screen command, such as yelling "Yo, Space Tony" into the mask, more fun aliens will appear. As the patient continues to yell into their mask, more space characters and events will appear. During all this, a progress bar will fill up after each successful command. When the progress bar is fully filled up, the patient will be taken to the final space party, where they will enjoy the on screen aliens dancing to fun music.

Best used for

Bedside Entertainment, Diaphragmatic breathing

Starting the application

Game starts automatically. Patient follows on screen commands while having mask for induction placed. Practitioner presses "OK" button on Nebula remote or touch pad to activate commands.

Supporting Resources


Experience Guide

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Field Guide

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Field Guide

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