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Hardware Field Guide

Meta Quest 2

This guide is not a replacement for the official device user manual. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for all headset safety and technical instructions.




You can externally manage your headset using companion apps downloaded to a smartphone or tablet from the iOS app store.


From the a companion app, you can:

  • Select a VR experience

  • Monitor a VR experience

  • Reset Orientation

  • Activate Party Mode (Mighty Mode)


Pair the Meta Quest 2 with foot sensors for VR experiences that support feet tracking.


Foot sensors need to be purchased separately and are not included in the Invincikids Kit.


The Meta Quest 2 headset comes equipped with built-in speakers.


In environments with potentially overwhelming, distracting, or unwanted noise, we recommend using over-ear headphones for comfort and sanitation considerations.


To connect headphones, plug them into the headphone jack on the side of the headset.

Powering on the headset

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a chime.

Headset status lights

  • White: Screen is on

  • White (blinking): Rebooting or powering on

  • Green: Battery is charged

  • Orange: Battery is charging

  • Red: Low battery

Powering off the headset

To power off the headset, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a chime.


The controllers automatically pair with the headset. They are used to select, control, and interact with experiences.

Press any button to wake the controller after you turn on your headset.


Use the buttons on your controller to do the following:

  • Trigger, (A), and (X) and buttons: Press to select.

  • (B) and (Y): Press to go back to the previous screen or menu.

  • (Oculus): Press to go back to Oculus Home or press and hold to reset the controller orientation.

  • Grip button: Press to grab objects or make a fist when using your virtual hands.

Controller status lights

  • White: Controller active

  • Red (blinking): Low battery

  • Blue (blinking): Controller is pairing with headset

  • Blue: Controller is paired with headset


The Invincikids VR Physical Therapy System supports room scale, standing, and seated VR experiences.

Quest 2 turn on
Quest 2 controller

VR Sessions

Beginning the session
Using foot sensors

Foot movement may be helpful for some physical therapy, like therapy targeting lower extremity movement.

If you use foot sensors, attach them to the user’s feet while they are seated and ensure they are paired with the headset.

Putting on the headset

Pull the headset down over the user’s eyes.


To adjust the lenses for picture clarity, with the user wearing the headset, gently adjust the lenses by shifting them together or apart.


For a comfortable headset fit, first adjust the side straps with the adjustment wheel, then the top strap. Adjust the side straps using the adjustment wheel. You can adjust the top strap by pulling apart the hook and loop fastener and re-attaching it so the headset rests lightly on the user’s face and the picture is clear.

If the user has long eyelashes or wears large prescription glasses, you may need to insert the eyeglass spacer to increase the lens distance from the user’s face.

To insert the eyeglass spacer:

  • Gently remove the facial insert from your headset.

  • Take the glasses spacer that came with your headset and attach it to your headset by pressing it into place where the facial insert just was.

  • Re-insert the facial insert on top of the glasses spacer

Choosing an experience

While wearing the headset, use the controllers to select an experience from the menu.

Alternatively, you can externally manage your headset using a companion app.

Quest 2 VR sessions

Battery and Storage

Battery and charging

The charging indicator light turns green once it’s fully charged.


Unplug when fully charged. Leaving your headset on the charger after it has been fully charged can reduce the overall battery life over time.

Handling and storage


Every part of your headset is wipeable, making sanitation easy.


After every use, disinfect the entire headset (head strap, front of headset, facial interface) and the controller with non-alcohol based wipes.


To avoid damaging the lenses and display, keep your headset away from direct sunlight.

Do not leave the headset in a hot environment or near heat sources.

Quest 2 battery
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