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Hardware Field Guide

Nebula Capsule Max

This guide is not a replacement for the official device user manual. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for all projector safety and technical instructions.




Your Nebula Capsule projector is part of the Invincikids Bedside Entertainment and Relaxation Theater (BERT) along with a screen and mounting hardware.

The BERT offers a way to entertain and distract bed-bound patients during potentially stressful moments. It includes experiences specifically designed to help patients through anesthesia inductions and for in-bed entertainment.


To set up BERT using the Nebula Capsule projector:

  • Mount the projector to the head of the patient’s bed or to a gurney rail

  • Mount the screen at the foot of the bed using the provided clamps

Nebula setup

BERT Sessions

Powering On

Press and hold the power button on the rear of the projector.


Projector controls

The top of the projector is a touch-sensitive control pad. This can be used to:

  • Select apps

  • Control induction experiences

  • Adjust volume

  • Play, pause, or fast-forward movies

  • Exit apps


The remote signal is detected by the sensor on the back of the projector. To use the remote like a computer mouse, press the button on the remote with the mouse icon. Move the cursor using the arrows on the remote and the OK button to select.


Do not worry about focusing the projector—it’s automatic. If you want to manually focus, press and hold the option button on the remote for three seconds. Use the left and right arrows to adjust the focus, then press OK.

Available Commercial Apps and Services

Movies Anywhere

The Nebula projector comes preloaded with family-friendly movies that are accessible offline, with the option to purchase additional movies through Movies Anywhere.


Streaming services

Streaming services are available when the Nebula projector is connected to the internet via WiFi. These can be added through the Nebula Manager and require a login to access content.

Third-party games

You can download third-party games from the Nebula Manager app on the projector home screen. Commercial apps will require your own account and login.

Content Options

Content options

Invincikids Induction Experiences

Your Nebula projector comes preloaded with experiences designed by Invincikids specifically to make mask inductions less scary and more fun. 


These are interactive experiences, guided by the provider. They require an enthusiastic provider who can craft an experience that meets a patient’s individual needs.


*The provider must be present the entire time to control the game.*

Example Invincikids experiences

Invincikids Induction Experiences work particularly well with patients ages 3-8 who are engaged and willing to connect with the staff.


Streaming content requires a WiFi connection. If you are moving a patient between rooms, like traveling from pre-op to the operating room, ensure you have overlapping network coverage to avoid a lapse in video playback.

Nebula cleaning

Handling and Storage


After every use, clean the projector and remote with disinfecting wipes. Avoid spraying liquid cleaners directly on the projector.

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