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Hardware Field Guide

Oculus Go

This guide is not a replacement for the official device user manual. Refer to the manufacturer's manual for all headset safety and technical instructions.




You can externally manage your headset using companion apps downloaded to a smartphone or tablet from the iOS app store.

From a companion app, you can:

  • Select a VR experience

  • Monitor a VR experience

  • Reset orientation

  • Activate Party Mode (Mighty Mode)


The Oculus Go headset comes equipped with built-in speakers.


In environments with potentially overwhelming, distracting, or unwanted noise, we recommend using over-ear headphones for comfort and sanitation considerations. To connect headphones, plug them into the headphone jack on the side of the headset.

Powering on the headset

Press and hold the power button on the top of the headset for several seconds until you hear the device chime.


Check to see that it is powered on by holding the headset up to your eyes and checking to see if the screen is illuminated.

Headset status lights

  • White: Screen is on

  • White (blinking): Rebooting

  • Green: Battery is charged

  • Orange: Headset is powering up

  • Red: Error

Powering off the headset

To power off the headset, press and hold the power button on the headset for several seconds.

Calibrate the controller

The controller automatically pairs with the headset. It is used to select, control, and interact with experiences.


When you first start up the headset, it may prompt the user to calibrate (recenter) the controller.


To calibrate, press and hold the Oculus button on the controller for two seconds.

Oculus Go controller
Oculus Go Powering On

VR Sessions

Beginning the session

Putting on the headset

Use the headset strap adjustment wheel on the rear of the strap to ensure the headset fits comfortably on the user.

Reset orientation

To reset orientation, your need to hold the Oculus button on the controller for three seconds.

Party Mode

You can activate Party Mode for 10 seconds of additional distraction from a companion app, if available.

Choosing an experience

To select a VR app from the menu and interact inside certain experiences, point the controller, then pull the trigger button.

Selecting a different experience

Press the back button on the controller to return to the Invincikids menu. Then, select a new experience.

Ending the VR experience

Turn off the headset by pressing and holding the power button on the headset for several seconds.

Oculus Go VR sessions

Battery and Storage

Battery and charging

From a full charge, the Oculus Go will last approximately two hours. You can check the battery level percentage of the headset and controller in the headset menu. When the light on the top of the headset turns red, this indicates that there is less than 15% battery power available.

Charge your headset whenever it is not in use.


Unplug when fully charged. Leaving your headset charging after while fully charged can reduce the overall battery life over time.

Handling and storage


Every part of your headset is wipeable, making sanitation easy.


After every use, disinfect the entire headset (head strap, front of headset, facial interface) and the controller with non-alcohol based wipes.


To avoid damaging the lenses and display, keep your headset away from direct sunlight.

Do not leave the headset in a hot environment or near heat sources.

Oculus Go storage
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